This acrylic box, 1:18 display case proudly displays a very real scale model hot wheel. It is made from high-quality clear acrylic, measures six inches across and eight inches deep. Several smaller diecast hot wheel fit inside the unit as well. There are hole punch holes located on the top of the box in order to hang the base. The acrylic box also includes a magnetic strip that you can use to display the diecast cars on. How to Find Acrylic Boxes For Your 1:18 Display Case of Your Favorite Die Cast Hot Wheels Toy The great thing about this acrylic hot wheel display case is that it not only acts as a display case, but it also protects the cars inside. The front flap of the acrylic box has a rubberized texture to keep the collectibles in place, and it includes two heavy duty zippers on each side. The inside of the acrylic box is lined with clear polyethylene sheeting to ensure that your collectibles will not fade due to exposure to light. The inside of the box is also lined with heavy duty plastic to ensure the safety of your precious collectibles, and there is a hole located in the lid to allow for the air to circulate around your collectibles while they are inside the acrylic display case. This shadow boxes replica is made from acrylic material that is durable and long lasting. It is also a very nice collectible item to have for your home or office, and it is perfect for children to play with and to look at while their parents look on. If you are looking for a nice acrylic box to display your collectibles, the 1:18 display case is highly recommended. It is large enough to store several small diecast Hot Wheels, and it has enough room to display other small items as well. If you do not own these diecast Hot Wheels, then this acrylic box is perfect for displaying them as well!