Currently, there's no dearth of good options when it come to free music streaming websites. In fact, there are quite a handful of music streaming websites around the web and picking the best among them could be quite a hectic job. Well, have always loved doing your own heavy-duty work, so did that one. This is especially because it's not everyday that you get to be in charge of a major project like writing a new novel or screenplay. So now that you're out of your rut and want to be the mastermind behind an exciting project, here are some tips for you to follow: Best Free Online Music Streaming Websites First and foremost, check whether the music streaming website you're eyeing has an ad-free platform. There are many websites that allow ad placements, which are advertisements placed high up on the page or on the side bar. These can pile up, making it more than difficult for readers to navigate through the pages. Also, ad-free pages give the viewer the chance to choose their own songs to play. Not every listener goes for the ad-sponsored songs, but it's nice to have the option to browse through a wide selection of songs without having to put up with annoying ad ads. Choose a music streaming website that offers an unlimited number of songs without any ad placements and you can really have fun browsing through the lists. Apart from an ad-free platform, look at the additional features that each music networking website offers. If the website allows users to create a bande a part or create their own profile, take advantage of it! Aside from being able to upload a photo and write a brief description, you can tell your friends about your new musical journey and ask them to support you by buying the songs you like. The possibilities of a band getting signed and being showcased on a big stage are endless, so make the most of what you've got.