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Virtual Reality ( VR) is the application of computer-generated reality to make a virtual environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, with VR the user is immersed and in control of an experience. Rather than seeing a flat screen in front of them or responding to touch, users are fully immersed and in control of a digital world.

With the HTC ViRette, you can enjoy high definition audio and video performance with full surround sound and superior quality for the ultimate in virtual reality. This unit is capable of delivering true to life video quality through its dual front panel Lenses. The front panel lenses work in tandem with the HTC ViRette’s powerful processors to deliver mind numbing video gaming. The bottom line is that this unit allows you to fully immerse yourself in any one of hundreds of different virtual environments. It will not matter whether you are driving across the street or flying through the sky, the HTC ViRette will let you live it to the fullest.

To fully appreciate the power behind Virtual Reality (VR), it is important to understand what it is and how it works. Virtual reality (VR) uses the principle of optical illusions and brain pathways found in nature to transport users into a totally different world where they can feel as though they are in a completely different time and place. Most of us have experienced the effect of being in a real world location and mentally projecting ourselves into a totally different time and place. In a sense, Virtual Reality is the reversal of this process in reverse.

Optical illusions created using the HTC ViRette’s front panel display technology enable the display to look as though it is “floating” over your head and surroundings. This enables the user to perceive a “ground” in which they feel as though they are actually in a completely different time zone. This is accomplished using the latest technologies and software inside the HTC ViRette, such as the HTC Thrill Sense, HTC Explorer, and the ability to connect with other headsets using USB. It also uses a spatial awareness engine that adjusts itself according to the environment around you, allowing for truly immersive Virtual Reality gaming.

The ability for the HTC ViRette to connect with other headsets using USB means that even if you are not in an environment where you can physically play games or go hands-on with your Virtual Reality gear, you can still engage in your favorite Virtual Reality activities. No matter where you happen to be located, you can connect with another headset and engage with your favorite HTC ViRette. And best of all, because you get your own HTC Thrill Sense or HTC Explorer, you can experience a truly unique Virtual Reality gaming experience with the ultimate portable HDTV. With the power of your device and the support of the display technology inside the HTC ViRette, you can immerse yourself in a new world of fun.

When it comes to being able to see your own face in the middle of a very real and lifelike scene in Virtual reality, the technology used here has a little bit something to do with making your life more interesting. By combining your HTC ViRette with the latest technology, such as the Gear VR, and the excellent tracking system of the Play Station VR, you are sure to experience a truly unique and fun way to play. With the ability to have full body immersion in your own living room, make your own Virtual reality experience today!

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