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When you're thinking about performing CoolSculpting, you may be tempted to try doing it yourself. After all, you can save a tremendous amount of money and do it yourself with relative safety. After all, a coolsculpting session at home is relatively safe as long as you pay attention to key details. So how do you perform a coolsculpting treatment at home? Read on to discover how to perform coolsculpting at home diy. DIY CoolSculpting is not safe for everyone and poses a risk of frostbite. While the process doesn't require much equipment, the ice used must be uniform and prolonged. The temperature should be at 39 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit. While it can be dangerous to apply solid ice, crushed ice in a ziplock bag will conform to the shape of the patient's body and begin melting quickly. What Makes a Superfood So Great? While a DIY Coolsculpting treatment may be less painful than a professional procedure, it's unlikely to produce permanent results. Unlike laser treatments, DIY CoolSculpting requires no invasive surgery and can cause injuries such as frostbite and inflammation. The procedure can also result in permanent fat reduction. Combined with proper dieting, it can practically guarantee permanent results. And it's an excellent way to get a flatter belly. A home DIY CoolSculpting treatment is a better choice for many people than an expensive office procedure. It is safer and more effective than freezing fat. And it doesn't require an overnight stay in a spa. In fact, DIY CoolSculpting does not even involve ice packs. That's because ice packs cannot maintain a precise temperature. Moreover, they do not come with applicators for storing fat, so the fat cell will simply move towards the surface.