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Virtual Reality, or VR, is simply the application of computer-generated technologies to make a virtual environment that is viewed in 360 degrees. Unlike traditional interactive interfaces, VR positions the observer within the virtual scene to deliver an Immersive Experience. This means that you are not physically inside a scene. In fact, you are inside a scene that is a replica of whatever it is you could be looking at right now. From military maneuvers to rock climbing, there is no place that you will get bored while using a Virtual Reality PC.

A military maneuver would present its challenges in a completely different manner if you were to observe it through the eyes of a TV. You would be experiencing the maneuver through your mind as well, and your body would respond accordingly. But if you were to do the same thing while wearing VR goggles, your body and mind would perceive the action differently than how it would react while seeing it through a conventional monitor.

How does this work? Picture this; you are playing a sport like rock climbing. Your goal is to reach the top of a tower. You start up the ladder one step at a time, using hand gestures to indicate your place on the platform. If you need help from anyone, you simply ask for help. If you are up to the challenge, you can climb the tower with your own strength, without the need for someone to hold you down.

Now imagine yourself at the game’s headquarters, watching the other players climb the tower with their own effort. If you had been inside the VR world, you would know that all of the other players were experiencing this same experience. You would be one of the few who actually reached the top. As you advance towards the top, you would be challenged by other virtual reality gamers to reach the top as well.

If this was somewhat similar to our real life sports, you might be thinking that virtual golf would be very popular. It has proven to be one of the most successful applications so far. Imagine reaching the top of the virtual golf tower, experiencing the relaxing sun setting behind the stunning scenery of the landscape. You would be transported into the fantasy world and have the chance to take a swing. If you missed, you could use a golf ball from a distance and try again.

Virtual reality has the power to transport us to different worlds and provide us with new ways to enjoy ourselves. With more applications being created, there will surely be something that you can enjoy. What you are going to discover is only a matter of time.

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