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Virtual is often used to describe something in quite a few ways, but in most cases, it means exactly what it says. For instance, describing a business as a virtual monopoly means that it is quite possibly a virtual monopoly but not legally one, probably because it has only a few minor competitors. As such, any business can be described as virtual, and in many ways this is useful for many businesses, especially those that are relatively new, because they can be relatively easy to manage and grow into a physical business relatively easily.

The term virtual reality is also increasingly used, and this describes the ability to interact with digital information that may be displayed on a computer screen or another medium. In most cases, the computer is the display device and in many cases, the user is a “voyager” who is able to see digital information that is displayed on a monitor, TV, or other device of their choice. This ability to manipulate the world around you is known as augmented reality, and many applications of these VRE headsets can be used by the military or NASA to help them learn about space or to train astronauts.

Bee Talon HVAC System Virtual Reality Headset It is important to understand that there are many types of Virtual Reality Headset options, which is why I am going to start off this article with Bee Talon HVAC System headset. One example of a VRE is the Bee Talon HVAC System, which uses the latest state of the art technology to provide users with a virtual reality experience. This is achieved through the use of a six degree tracking system. The wearer is actually wearing two very tiny glasses, which provide eye-tracking and head-motion capture data which is processed by the Bee Talon HVAC System. Once this data is processed, it is transmitted wirelessly to the base station of the HVAC system via the Bluetooth Technology. Once the base station receives the data, it can then process the information and display it directly on a monitor of the base station to provide the users with a completely realistic Virtual Reality experience.

Acebeam from Acebeam – Now this one’s a sure winner for being my personal favorite Virtual Reality headset. Acebeam HVR Virtual Reality Headset is another one of my favorites, but for different reasons. Many people who have used the Acebeam headsets have commented how they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use, but what sets them apart from other Virtual Reality headsets like Gear VR or Cardboard are the many interactive features that can make your Virtual Travel experience even more exciting and fun. Some of the cool features that you can expect to find on an Acebeam HVR includes:

Cardboard Cutout from Cardboard VR Experience – This is an interesting Virtual Reality headset from Cardboard, and this time it’s set to take your Virtual Tour to the next level! If you have ever seen the cardboard cutouts of trains, cars, and airplanes, you will be able to appreciate why Cardboard has developed such a love affair with cardboard. With a cardboard headset, you are able to put yourself into the shoes of the cardboard cutouts, and experience everything that they see and experience. What’s more is that you can actually control the actions of the cardboard cutouts, so you get to fly, drive, and explore as if you were in that particular environment. Cardboard Cutout also comes with two interactive coasters, a deluxe travel mug, and an Acebeam HVR Virtual Reality headset.

Rift from Rift Development – For those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing new Virtual Reality headset from Rift Developers, there is no need to know any more. The name Rift stands for “rift”, and the headset is designed for those who are looking to take their Virtual Tours to the next level. With a hand held controls, the Rift allows you to move through virtual worlds using the touchpad, where you use your thumb to select areas to go, or look up and down to flip through menus. The incredible new technology inside the headset allows for incredible interactions with a multitude of applications, from text-based controls to controlling the camera, and much more.

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